Share Your Humanity

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope our messaging resonates with you. launched in July 2023 and we are new to digital commerce and t-shirt sales.  We were inspired to create the site however, because we believe humanity is patently "Better Together," and that the loving premise of "wokeness" is being perverted by the hateful rhetoric of anti-wokeness.  

We offer our definition of "woke" - respect for the dignity of all people - as a first principle from which a humane society's culture and governance can be derived.

As we see it, life is an incomparable gift to which every person everywhere has a full claim.  If we are to be judged, let it be for the "content of our character," rather than the demographics into which we're born.      

If you're of a similar mind, please consider wearing our originally designed t-shirts to share your humanity and/or forward the site to those who might appreciate it.  In these corrosive times, human decency needs champions.